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Only a company with exceptional knowledge, dedication, and experience can perform safe pest control effectively. Since 1988, Bugman-Homesmart Plus has been providing peace of mind and services that help you get rid of ants, bedbugs, spiders, and mice as well as other pests. Our primary goal is to protect you, your family, employees, and property. Our pest control specialists are supported by some of the most advanced equipment and materials available in the industry, and by our own procedures. 

Our skilled personnel at Bugman-Homesmart Plus have the expertise to readily identify potential problems and recommend ways to make your property more pest resistant. We work with you closely to better anticipate your needs and complete the work in accordance with your schedule, while disrupting none of your operations. We provide you with various home pest control treatment options. No matter which treatment you choose, you can expect quality pest control. All our treatments involve preparation and advice from our office. Treatments may involve and require:

A pre-inspection or follow-up service
Details about precautions, entry, and lock-up
Involves gathering information on children, pets, fish, birds, and more
Indoor treatments typically require vacating people/pets for 3-4 hours
A detailed report, recommendations, guarantee, and invoice left after each service call

Bedbug Control


Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are considered to be the most feared insect by people in general. The treatment to control bedbugs is difficult and time consuming because they are very small in size and can hide very small cracks. Of all the other infestations we deal with, this is the one that causes most inconvenience and grief to clients. However, every infestation we’ve treated is 100% eliminated. 

Bedbugs have to be taken seriously. It starts with asking proper questions, and determining that you’re dealing with bed bugs. At Bugman-Homesmart Plus, we have the experience to help you in this. Later, we’ll give details about the co-operative preparation, treatment options, cost, and approach. As we discuss your infestation, we can help you determine how you came in contact with bed bugs. If you’ve woken up to bedbug bites or discovered bugs crawling on your skin, call us today. This is the one insect that is a persistent problem and will not go away anytime soon.

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood. Adult bedbugs can range from light brown to reddish-brown. They have flat, oval bodies and have no hind wings, but front wings are vestigial and reduced to pad-like structures. The lifespan of bedbugs depend on feeding and varies from one another. A bedbug pierces the skin of its host and feeds by sucking the blood for about three to five minutes. It withdraws blood, and return to its hiding place. Generally, it takes five to ten minutes for a bedbug to become completely engorged with blood. Though they can live for a year without feeding, they normally try to feed every five to ten days.

Typical Bedbug Scenario

Bed bug 01
Determine infestation background, may involve insect sample or inspection
Bugman-Homesmart Plus explains treatment options and cost
Treatment requires vacating people and pets (usually 6 hours)
Client should be careful not to spread infestation by moving items
Follow-up treatment required for egg-stage and pheromone monitoring placement
Preparation includes washing, vacuuming, laundry, de-cluttering, and more
Inspection fees will be deducted from initial service fee

Cluster Fly Program (For Rural/Country Homes)

Bugman-Homesmart Plus came up with a unique approach to get rid of most files that focuses on perimeter wall voids and attics. Hundreds of rural clients are pleased with this result-based program. This approach is referred to as the proven solution to those dozy, nuisance flies. Biology and timing are of high-priority to the success of this program.

We provide our clients with a safe and effective service, available in the Spring, followed by the crucial treatment that is applied at the right time in the Fall. Service tactics may vary house by house. Some clients require Spring and Fall service, while others achieve results with a once per season approach.

Our treatment options include:
Spring interior:
Interior only, 100-day limited guarantee. Extremely safe products, calibrated C&C application. (March - May)
Fall exterior:
Exterior only, 30-day limited guarantee of 90% control. Superior residual products and calibrated application. (September - November)
Fall deluxe interior-exterior:
Interior and exterior, seasonal guarantee. Safe, superior residual control and two application methods. (September - November)

Spider/Wasp Program (Choose Your Own Program)


From boats and trailers to homes, cottages and outbuildings, we cover it all. Our safe, environmentally - conscious method is applied by specially calibrated hand-held and truck-mounted equipment. This non-staining water based liquid crack and crevice spot-application is extremely localized and practical.

Our application includes treatment of decks, porches, verandas, soffits, window frames, eaves, and door and window casings where spider activity, webbing, and wasp nests are of particular nuisance. This also helps in preventing spider stains on siding. We can also treat sheds, patio furniture, garages, and more.
Our treatment options include:

Note: Please avoid washing windows before treatment, because spray may drip on them. Either you can arrange your window cleaning after the application or for your convenience, our window cleaning division at Homsmart Plus can follow-up with your window cleaning needs.

Note: We may also have to price and treat the adjacent trees and shrubs for max spider results. Our high infestation applications may require three treatments per season.

We always suggest that you:

Rinse plants/flowers at house foundation after the spider/wasp application
Clean your windows after the treatment, as we can’t help but drip on them
Close the windows for treatment (we schedule most service dates by telephone ahead of time)
Clean your house before spider treatment except windows, so that you can monitor the results of our service

Earwig/Crawling Insects (Mostly June-October)


At Bugman-Homesmart Plus, we target these unsightly inspect pests in your BBQ, pool, deck, windows, and doorways with our residual treatment, which includes your house foundation, deck, patio furniture, sheds, woodpile and any other areas where insect population tends to congregate. We wait until this population breaks and then hit them when it counts.

We can also treat the interior of your home based on your requirement. Our main objective is to reduce the numbers of earwigs to non-nuisance levels, because we can never get rid of every earwig present. Our non-staining liquid crack and crevice spot application is both safe and effective, and is applied by specially calibrated equipment. We can also determine the problems that may contribute to this infestation.

Our treatment options include:

- Premium Foundation/Perimeter treatment, 30-day limited guarantee of 90% control. Superior residual products and  calied application.

- Interior only, 100 day limited guarantee. Extremely safe products and calibrated C&C application.
     Deluxe Interior and Exterior - Interior and exterior, seasonal guarantee. Safe, superior residual control and two application methods.

Ant Program (Wood-Boring Carpenter or Non-Wood-Boring Species)

The larger black carpenter ant does the same structural damage as a termite but at a slower rate. If your home is infested with ants, you may notice their activity in spring and fall although it continues year round. You can also find fine powdery wood produced by these ants as an evident near the nest site. These ants prefer moisture-damaged wood where roof or plumbing leaks have occurred. The only key to eliminate ant colonies is to locate the nest.
We also offer a foundation barrier treatment at discount rates with our detailed treatment of the interior. Ask us about our guarantee.
Interior ant treatment (year-round)

- Interior only, written guarantee C&C, bait, dust, attic, plumbing, and wall void focus.

Exterior follow-up ant treatment (Jun-Oct)

- Exterior perimeter/foundation (follow-up to interior). Extended guarantee up to 12-15 months, C&C application.

Deluxe interior-exterior ant treatment

- Interior and exterior, full guarantee – 15 months on interior carpenter ants (especially for satellite nests). Safe, superior residual control and four application methods. Remember to watch for moisture problems.


Rats, Mice, and Bat Control


Every rodent problem has its own root cause, source, and solution. You can count on Bugman-Homesmart Plus for a detailed inspection and analysis of the situation. Our experts will quickly determine the origin of the infestation and recommend practical, cost-effective control measures. Our low-odour bait and/or rodent devices are deployed in a safe and humane manner. We can also identify and block the entry points around pipes, vents, and other ways for these rodents to enter your home.
This can also encompass attics, storage areas, plumbing pipes, wall voids, basement areas, false ceilings, and wall vents.

Our treatment options include:
Initial Treatment
– We’ll complete the inspection and treatment anytime of the year. We safely treat those areas where rodents nest such as walls, ducts, attic, and more. Our professionals can identify and block the entry points. We offer full guarantee on our services.
Follow-up inspection/replenishment
– After the initial treatment, our technician will advise you about scheduling the follow-up             inspection. This is based on his findings during the initial service.
Pest-proofing exclusion repairs
– Our skilled personnel are experts at identifying the entry points for rodents to enter your home         structure. We’ll point these areas out to you and provide you a price on our exclusion crew repairing these holes.
Season or attic-only follow-up
– This will keep things in check, assure continued monitoring, and control long after the actual                 service.

Wildlife Services (Not available in all geographic areas)


Wildlife control services include the removal and prevention of squirrels, raccoons, birds, skunks, groundhogs, and more. At Bugman-Homesmart Plus, we believe that wildlife management is an essential part of contemporary urban environmental cohabitation. The major importance of this service is to determine the cause or source of the vertebrate pest problem. This will lead to prevention recommendations. In almost every case, physical exclusion and live trapping is the most common and effective approach to get rid of wildlife. The animal is then released in another area as per MOE guidelines. Later, we block any entry points using steel, mesh, cement, or caulking.

Our treatment options include:
Initial service
– Our initial treatment includes identifying entry points and humanely removing critters from the structure. We determine the entry points and find out whether there are more animals/bats inside (pregnant or otherwise).
Follow up inspection/live trapping
– After the initial treatment, our technician will advise you about scheduling the follow-up inspection based on his findings during the initial service. We’ll live-trap raccoons, skunks and squirrels, and safely release them as per guidelines (bats utilize 1-way cone). Once the animals are released, repairs are done.
Pest-proofing exclusion repairs
– Our experts can easily identify where coons, squirrels, bats, and more are entering your building structure. We will point out these areas to you and provide you with a price quote on repairing any holes.
Seasonal or attic-only follow up
– To ensure a successful removal and exclusion of these animals, we’ll provide you with a follow up visit. Usually, raccoons, skunks, bats, and squirrels have the practice of returning to their original nest site.

Additional Pest Services

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our highly trained and licensed technicians have the expertise to treat blood-sucking pests, including: 


We also offer programs for the treatment of nuisance pests, including:

Pill bugs
Asian lady beetles
Weevils and more

Call us today for a free estimate.



In recent times, flea infestations calls have been reduced due to the success of systematic pet treatments such as “REVOLUTION®” and “Advantage®”. These treatment products provide great relief for your cat or dog, though not inexpensive. However, they will not eliminate the infestation within your residence or structure. Most of the flea outbreaks that we address involve the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis). Usually, the pets bear the burden and buffer people from becoming the main blood meal. This is especially evident when people and pets return from holidays to a hungry flea population. 

Due to body chemistry, fleas will also focus their feeding and bites more toward one person in any given household. Again, in order to achieve optimum treatment results, preparation of the clients is very important. We’ll use advanced technology and products to provide you with safe and efficient results. Our technicians will provide you with follow-up service on a regular basis to have ultimate control of the egg-stage. Call us for more details.



At Bugman-Homesmart Plus, our insect identification lab or technician can quickly identify which species of roach your property may have. The most common cockroach encountered in Canada is the German roach. We’ll determine the treatment product choices and service approach depending on the roach species and biology. This insect is very evasive, adaptable, and explosive in reproduction rate. You would require an expert with professional knowledge, advanced treatment products and application equipment to treat any established infestation.

If it’s quick moving, with antennae, and active when you switch on the kitchen light at night, consider quick action. Call us for an inspection or advice. We may also recommend you with follow up service and pheromones.

For more information on our pest control services in Central Ontario, contact us today.



Got Pests in Your Property?

Keep all pests, animals, and insects out of your home. We’ll provide you with customized solutions designed to solve all of your pest problems.

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