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Your lawn is susceptible to a wide variety of harmful pests and lawn disease that can damage your turf. At Bugman-Homesmart Plus, we believe that providing the right treatment at the correct time of the season is the only road to success. We have the expertise to determine the suitable program for your property, and apply the right amount of nutrients to establish a healthy lawn. For complete lawn care services in Central Ontario, call us today.

Our IPM Green Program

Our IPM (integrated pest management) green program is a value-based lawn-care program that yields proven results. The crucial point of this program is that recent regulatory changes has enabled us to provide your turf with as many tools as possible to keep your lawn thick and green. We always recommend that cultural practices and a pro-active IPM approach are essential to maintain the health of your lawn. Do you want to know the advantage of proper cultural practices? Speak to our technician today. We also adapt fertilizer composition numbers as the season advances, our 5-step IPM green program includes:

Spring fertilizer
Summer fertilizer
Turf insect inspection
Fall fertilizer
Fall core aeration

Our Additional Specialty Lawn Services

If you’re looking for a custom approach to your lawn care program, count on us. We’ve special application options for turf improvement, weed control, insect damage control, and more. Our services include:

Weed Control in Ontario

weed control

At Bugman-Homesmart Plus, we’re excited to introduce a new and effective natural weed control product approved by Health Canada and the provincial MOE (Fiesta® Liquid Weed Control). We’re also happy with our 2016-2018 field results from this product. This iron-based liquid product oxidizes weed tissues and causes discolouration and plant disintegration. 

Until now, we’ve been hesitant to promote any weed control products that weren’t proven. Now, we have our natural weed control products that work on most of the main weed species. It must be considered as a part of overall turf management. It may not be an effective product when compared to pesticides, but it is the best product available to control the weed species. This product has effective results against dandelions, thistles, and many creeping weeds. We also recommend having more than one application for thick weed infestations.


Grub Control (Beneficial Nematodes)


If your lawn has incurred grub activity, then your lawn is at significant risk of severe damage. Always keep in mind that grubs destroy lawns. Beneficial nematodes provide a natural, biological control approach for grubs. Also, Steinernema and Heterorhabditis nematodes use symbiotic bacteria to kill infected grubs.

Application timing and irrigation instructions are very important to be a successful treatment. We’ll keep the soil temperature between 10 and 28 Celsius. To provide a suitable habitat for nematodes in the root zone, we’ll have your turf watered before and after the application.

Our skilled personnel always recommend that August to September applications provide the highest efficacy rate, as the grubs are small and close to the surface at this particular period. Spring applications are also necessary though if grubs are currently present in the soil. This natural application provides proven results.


Fertilizing (Turf Nutrient Feed)


We always believe that fertilizing is of vital importance to overall grass health, while indirectly helping in prevention of weeds. The weeds will be outcompeted by the nutrient feed provided by fertilizing. When applied 3-4 times a season, macronutrients in the fertilizer encourage a healthy, thick lawn, which contributes to a better environment for your lawn. Fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium composition numbers are changed to various times of year. Fertilizing:

Produces a thicker, greener and healthier lawn
Aids in the development of deep root systems
Acts to help balance soil pH while reducing soil erosion
Promotes seed germination, and root formation and growth
Stimulates unproductive soil, creating a productive growing medium

Core Aeration (Cultural Service Modifies Soil for Root Growth)

It helps in promoting deeper roots, while making the lawn more resistant to disease and drought. Advantages of core aeration:

Core Aeration
Enhances thatch breakdown
Stimulates deeper turf grass rooting
Reduces water runoff and soil compaction
Enhances soil, water, and fertilizer uptake
Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
Essential for sodded lawns (oxygen exchange)
Improves air exchange between soil and atmosphere

Please note: In-ground sprinklers must be flagged!


Overseeding (Our Certified Seed Yields Higher Germination)


Your lawn is comprised of millions of individual grass plants. These plants will eventually die, like any other living thing. Hence, we always recommend overseeding once a year to introduce new grass cultivators. This helps thick and healthy lawn to crowd out weeds such as dandelions and crabgrass.

We provide you with certified grass seed, which has a high percentage of perennial turf type ryegrass and fescues. It carries a type of beneficial fungus, which insects find offensive. The best time to overseed a lawn is either early spring or early fall.


Vegetation Control (Approved under Noxious Weeds Act)


The poison ivy plant has shiny leaves, small yellow/green flowers, and green/white berries. It grows as a vine, shrub or bush, which is common throughout Ontario. The leaves of these plants grow in groups of three. All parts of poison ivy plants contain a poisonous substance that causes an irritating inflammation of the skin for many people. The inflamed areas often develop blisters, accompanied by intense itchiness.

The Province of Ontario has designated poison ivy as a noxious weed. It is the duty of each individual in possession of infested land to destroy these noxious weeds.


Eco-Smart Tips for a Greener Lawn

Watering tips

Watering tips
A healthy lawn requires not more than one inch of water a week. Sometimes, rain will provide all the water your lawn requires. At other times, irrigation is required.
We always recommend watering your lawn once a week during the early morning, while watering during the late evenings is not recommended, as cooler temperatures and sitting water invite disease.
Deep watering encourages deep root growth, which will result in healthier grass and drought tolerant.

Mowing guidelines

Mowing is one of the most important aspects of organic lawn care. To shade out sun-loving weeds and encourage good root development, we’ll suggest you to keep your lawn at a minimum of 3 inches. In addition, a longer lawn helps in collecting nutrients from the sun, while improving the overall health of the grass.
A general rule is to never cut off more than one third of the blade at once, as this may result in eliminating a huge portion of your plants’ food factory. It will also take more time to decompose and may suffocate some grass plants.
Dull blades tear and stress grass blades, which will increase the potential for diseases and infestations. So having sharp blades help you cut cleaner and easier and leave your lawn healthier and better looking.

To learn more about our IPM green program, speak to our courteous staff today.



Comprehensive Lawn Care Solutions

We are experts in fertilizing, overseeding and vegetation control, and provide you with a beautiful and healthier lawn year round.

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